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Documentation: Groups & Ads

Understanding ad types

Image/Banner Ad Image/Banner ads are used to insert custom images with or without links into your site. Upload your image by clicking the “Set banner image” link. If your image is larger than you’d like it to display, you can adjust the width of the image and then click “Sync height to aspect ratio” to […]

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Manual display with shortcodes, template tags, and blocks

Ads and Groups can be manually placed on your site using three methods: shortcodes, PHP functions (template tags), and blocks. Shortcodes The shortcode for embedding an ad is adcmdr_ad and the shortcode for a group is adcmdr_group. Using either shortcode requires you to specify the ID of the ad or group. The ID can be […]

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Group display modes

Groups of ads can be displayed in three modes: Single, Rotate, or Grid. Combine these display modes with group ordering methods to set up your ad group to suit your needs. Single Single mode will display a single ad, regardless of how many ads are in your group. It’s important to combine this mode with […]

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Group ordering methods

Ad groups can be created using four different ordering methods: Random, manual, weighted, and sequential. Combine these methods with different group modes to fine-tune your groups. It is important to note that some methods will not function as expected if server-side rendering is combined with page caching. Learn more about rendering methods here. Random Random […]

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Custom code for ads and groups

It is possible to add any custom code before or after your individual ads and groups. While editing an ad or group, there is a text area that allows for any script, CSS, or HTML code to be added. If adding script or styles, be sure to include the appropriate tags. Code must be within […]

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Scheduling and automatically expiring ads

Scheduling an ad start date Ad Commander ads use native WordPress post types. Because of this, you can schedule an ad to start at any time by simply setting a future “publish” date as you would with any WordPress post. When your ad switches to published mode on the specified date and time, it will […]

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Requiring consent before ads display

Consent cookies Ad Commander does not implement consent banners on your behalf. There are many solutions out there that are better suited for this task. Instead, Ad Commander will monitor a cookie and delay showing ads until that cookie exists and contains a specified value. Requiring consent can be enabled in Ad Commander -> Settings […]

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