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Geolocation targeting with MaxMind

MaxMind IP databases

Visitor targeting with Geolocation is available using the MaxMind GeoIP2 / GeoLite2 IP databases. To use Geolocation targeting, you must first create a MaxMind account and generate a license (API) key.

After adding your license key into the Ad Commander settings, Ad Commander will attempt to download the MaxMind IP database. IP databases will be automatically updated every 30 days.

To display ads to visitors based on either specific locations or location radiuses, you must set up visitor targeting conditions. Learn more about visitor targeting here. While creating visitor conditions, you can find the latitude and longitude of a location using our lookup tool.

Weekly database updates

To update the MaxMind database on a weekly basis, you can add a filter either using a custom plugin or by modifying your theme’s functions.php file. To switch to weekly updates, add the following hook:

add_filter('adcmdr_maxmind_update_frequency', function () { return 'weekly'; });