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Documentation: Getting Started

Automatic placement of ads and groups

Automatic placements allow you to inject ads or groups without implementing shortcodes or using template tags. Placements allow you to display your ads in various placement positions throughout your site. Creating automatic placements Automatic placements can be created under Ad Commander -> Manage Placements -> Add New. To automatically inject and ad or group, simply […]

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Demo: Ad Commander overview

This video gives a brief overview of some of the basic Ad Commander features. It shows how to create ads, groups, and placements. It also shows reports and some settings. Check it out to get an idea of how Ad Commander works.

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Understanding ad types

Image/Banner Ad Image/Banner ads are used to insert custom images with or without links into your site. Upload your image by clicking the “Set banner image” link. If your image is larger than you’d like it to display, you can adjust the width of the image and then click “Sync height to aspect ratio” to […]

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Manual display with shortcodes, template tags, and blocks

Ads and Groups can be manually placed on your site using three methods: shortcodes, PHP functions (template tags), and blocks. Shortcodes The shortcode for embedding an ad is adcmdr_ad and the shortcode for a group is adcmdr_group. Using either shortcode requires you to specify the ID of the ad or group. The ID can be […]

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