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Popups and targeting improvements in 1.0.13, Pro 1.0.5

Release notes

Ad Commander 1.0.13 and Ad Commander Pro 1.0.5 are now available for download!

These versions add the ability to create Popups using automatic placements in Ad Commander Pro. Also included is the ability to target Max Ad/Placements Impressions and Max Ad Clicks using visitor targeting conditions. There are also many other improvements to visitor and content conditions in both Ad Commander and Ad Commander Pro, and other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


  • Ability to create Popup placements
  • New visitor conditions: Max Ad/Placement Impressions and Max Ad Clicks
  • Improvements to client-side rendering methods
  • Fixes problem with Posts Lists automatic placement in some themes
  • Adds support for date archives to content conditions
  • Adds the ability to force server-side rendering to some automatic placements
  • Adds the ability to disable wrappers to some automatic placements
  • Copies ad groups when using duplicate feature
  • Bug fixes and improvements to content targeting and visitor targeting rules
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

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