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Documentation: Automatic Placements

Automatic placement of ads and groups

Automatic placements allow you to inject ads or groups without implementing shortcodes or using template tags. Placements allow you to display your ads in various placement positions throughout your site. Creating automatic placements Automatic placements can be created under Ad Commander -> Manage Placements -> Add New. To automatically inject and ad or group, simply […]

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Placement positions for ad injection

To automatically inject an ad or group of ads into your site, first you must choose a placement position: Automatic placement positions are often combined with Content Targeting settings. For example, you would rarely want an ad to display “Before Content” on every single page, post, and custom post type of the site. It is […]

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Create a popup with automatic placements

Popups can be created using Ad Commander Pro’s “Popup Overlay” automatic placement. Popups can consist of any type of ad or group. The most common scenario is a single banner or script ad, but rotating or grid groups will also work with popup placements. Creating a popup First, create the ad or group that you’d […]

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